Medieval wash-house

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The laundry has a lava stone staircase which leads to a smooth surface by time and a series of pools that fill with water flowing from twenty-two iron mouths (including fifteen leonine heads) arranged along the walls topped by low times. Through a small cave, the water slides to the sea. In the tanks the supports are clear on which the ancestors was used to wash their clothes, the ladies took advantage of the continuous flow of water that ensured that hygiene so rare in the middle ages. The structure takes advantage of the course than a plaque placed on one of the pillars of the entrance indicates as Cefalino River. Cephalinus, according to legend, was born from the incessant tears poured from a nymph for having caused the death of his love.

Why Cefalu ?

  • ⇒ Maybe for the sea ?
  • ⇒ Maybe for the history ?
  • ⇒ Maybe for the monuments ?
  • ⇒ Maybe for his excellent food ?
  • ⇒ Maybe for his location ?
  • ⇒ Maybe for the ...


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