Mandralisca Museum

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We may well define the Mandralisca Museum as an  interdisciplinary Museum including a remarkable archaeological collection, a wonderful malacological currency  among the richest in Europe, as well as fine furniture and objects already belonged to the family Mandralisca. It also includes the art gallery which contains approximately 7000 books today. The Museum originated from the ideas and ideals of an enlightened patron of the 19th century, Baron Henry Pirajno of Mandralisca. The pride of the Museum are two recognized masterpieces: the magnificent Portrait of a Man by Antonello da Messina, and the Sicilian red-figure crater on black background The tuna seller said. At  first it  is known all over the world for the novel by Vincenzo Consolo, the smile of the unknown Mariner, which it is inspired. The Museum still maintains today the intimate atmosphere of a home and the imprint of a private place of memories. 


Fonte: Museo Mandralisca

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