Are you a fan of Giuseppe Tornatore ? and the Oscar-winning film "NUOVO CINEMA PARADISO" ?

You must come to Cefalù, the town that was the set for some of the famous scenes in Nuovo Cinema Paradiso. You will walk through the beautiful places chosen by Giuseppe Tornatore for the film that made him an Oscar winner, living the magic that only Cefalù can give you.

We have selected for you some of the curiosities and scenes from the film that have impressed film fans. Read on down >>>

Cefalu', set of the "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso"

The film is about the love story for the cinema and the life of the young Salvatore, the strong friendship with Alfredo, the projectionist of the small theater of the small city in which he lives, the discovery of affections, the land of Sicily.

The first take of the 1990 Academy Award-winning film was shot on May 8, 1988 at the Theatre Cicero in Cefalu’.

Many important and touching scenes were shot in the charming town as the famous scene shot at Molo Vecchio and Porta Marina (where the open-air cinema screenings and the new meeting between Salvatore and Elena take place after 30 years).


Giuseppe Tornatore in Cefalù

Giuseppe Tornatore, born 27 May 1956 in Bagheria, in the province of Palermo, honorary citizen of Cefalu’ is an Italian director, screenwriter, film producer and editor. The real opportunity for his film career comes thanks to producer Franco Cristaldi with "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso" entirely shot in Sicily.

Tornatore chose Cefalu’ to start shooting the film that consecrated him in the film world. After the success of Nuovo Cinema Paradiso, many moves followed, like: The Man of the Stars, The Legend of the Pianist on the OceanMalena, Unknown and Baaria.

Scenes from the film shot at Cefalu’ Marina


One of the most evocative scenes of the film, is that of the open-air cinema on the sea.

In the small and beautiful port of Cefalu’, illuminated by the images projected by the film, the spectators watch a film from a multitude of boats, while the protagonist thinks to his lover with a deep longing and anger for a summer that does not pass, but unexpectedly a storm arrives and the lover appears sealing their love in a romantic and exciting kiss in the enchanting pier of Cefalu’.

This is one of the most appreciated scenes by critics and the public.

New Cinema Paradiso 25 years later, Tornatore in Cefalu’


Tornatore, 8/05/2018 on the occasion of 25 years after the first take is back in Cefalu’, welcomed by his "Cefaludesi friends " recounted the background and salient phases of the film that remains, even at a distance of time, one of the most celebrated film in the world.

Giuseppe Tornatore said, Every time I come here I feel among relatives. I feel a special affection for me and for the film, which I reciprocate. And also the film reciprocates. Inside the cinema communication is not only one-sided, even films dialogue with spectators and therefore must also have their own memory».

Cefalu' - Plaque that commemorate a scene from the film "Nuovo Cinema Paradiso"

On the occasion of the 25th year of the release of the film was affixed a plaque in the ancient port of Cefalu’ where it was shot one of the most evocative scenes of the film, "sea view open-air cinema".

Tornatore on the occasion of the discovery of the plaque said: Cefalu’ is a beautiful place , a magical place, at the time I remember that when me and my scenographer Andrea Crisanti were looking for places to set the various scenes we arrived here we looked at each other and immediately we understood each other. We understood that here (referring to the small port) the arena would be fine.


Chines crew television visiting Cefalu’ to revisit “Nuovo cinema Paradiso” sets


Chines crew television was in Cefalu’ to film “Nuovo Cinema Paradiso” (1988) places, written and directed by Giuseppe Tornatore. The services broadcast on “Onda tv”.


“New Cinema Paradiso” would not be the same film without Ennio Morricone's soundtrack. "Tema d'amore", is the most famous track in the film, but 23 tracks, all written and directed by the maestro, makes this film unique.

Ennio MORRICONE è stato: compositore, direttore d'orchestra e arrangiatore italiano.



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Map of the scenarios of the film "Nouveau Cinema Paradiso" shot in Cefalù

Why Cefalu ?

  • ⇒ Maybe for the sea ?
  • ⇒ Maybe for the history ?
  • ⇒ Maybe for the monuments ?
  • ⇒ Maybe for his excellent food ?
  • ⇒ Maybe for his location ?
  • ⇒ Maybe for the ...


... read about it to discover >>>

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