Temple of Diana

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The Temple which rises on the rock is a mysterious ruins of megalithic structure with monolithic epistyle elegantly made, commonly known as the Temple of Diana. The building, which was built between the end of the V and the beginning of the IV century B.C. , it consists of two compartments characterized by two epistylish doors, similar to the main door, located at the sides of a hallway at the bottom of which you can see the remains of a prehistoric tank of the IX century BC, the tank, with dolmhenic coverage, consists of eight large slabs resting on the edges of the cavity and on a kind of epistyle which weighs on a central pillar formed by four overlapping blocks.

Why Cefalu ?

  • ⇒ Maybe for the sea ?
  • ⇒ Maybe for the history ?
  • ⇒ Maybe for the monuments ?
  • ⇒ Maybe for his excellent food ?
  • ⇒ Maybe for his location ?
  • ⇒ Maybe for the ...


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